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Affiliation No: 830369

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Pranams From JGRVK

Jaigopal Garodia Rashtrotthana Vidya Kendra” popularly known by its acronym JGRVK, is one of the premier educational institutions of Bangalore. The three branches in Bangalore speak about the popularity and trust it has generated in terms of education and focused dedication towards shaping all-rounded global citizens.

The orientation and nurturing of the students are based on “Panchamukhi Shikshana’ i.e., the understanding of the real world that he or she lives in. We successfully provide holistic education that encourages students to excel in multiple disciplines, such as academics, sports, art /craft, music and dramatics.

Panchamukhi Shikshana







Bharathiya culture has survived because in every generation the best among us have lived by certain fundamental values. We see many examples of this in our history. Starting from the rishis in the Vedic period, we see several divine personalities like Mahavira, Buddha, Ashoka, Shankara, Madhvacharya, Krishnadevaraya, Akbar, Basava, Guru Govind Singh, Gandhi, Lal Bahadhur Shastri etc. who have spread these values through their preachings and examples.

Field trips and Excursion pertinent to themes of the curriculum are a common feature at JGRVK, especially for Kindergarten, Primary and Middle -senior school students. Students eagerly look forward to these trips as they provide them with the much needed hands on experience about the things they learn. The field trips supplement the learning and cement it with the visual aspect. Further , students are trained to develop self- confidence and self esteem so that they are able to take independent decisions.

The school organizes trekking camps and summer camps with this purpose in mind. The summer camp is organized in the school not only to allow extra time for sports activities but also to identify potential talents in areas of Swimming, Art /Craft, Drawing/Painting, Dance, Music etc.

Exhibitions help the student to express his/her views on what is happening in the world around him and on the prescribed topics. Besides expressing personal thoughts, feelings students also gets hands on experiences and good exposure. JGRVK organizes annual exhibition, were children put their talents in the form of exhibits which they have created during their project periods.We have Science and technology, Mathematics, Social Science and all languages- English, Hindi, Kannada and Sanskrit exhibits.
A superior Band helps to develop character, good behavior, discipline, sportive spirit, team coordination and provides students with an Ideal “OUT” for their energies. Troop of students are trained by a Special trainer focusing on Bharathiya Ghosh system.
Science is a great game and universe is the playground. A person requires good knowledge to play this game well. Keeping this mind good research based projects are assigned to the students. Most of the projects are related to our daily life situations and many working models are also included. –Different organ systems, bio-diversity, volcanoes, periodical table, states of matter, circuits, wastewater management, models based on Newton’s colour disc, pressure exertions, close and open circuit , energy transformation and application of some scientific principles in day to day life.
In order to develop the competitive spirit and to motivate and to enhance their general knowledge, External examinations like OYMPIAD EXAMS- IEO,ICE,ISO, IMO and ASET examinations are conducted for the students.